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Christmas Meal 1st December 2016

This year the Edlug Christmas meal will be at La Sal Tapas Restaurant on 1st December 2016 from 7:30pm.

Last year the restaurant gave a set price of £17.50 per person for three tapas and dessert and I'm expecting that it will be similar.  There are options for vegetarians.
The set menu isn't on their current web page however you can get a good idea of what 

As usual drinks will cost extra.

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Joanna Cherry QC MP - Investigatory Powers Bill aka Snooper's Charter - Southsider.

We are pleased to announce that Joanna Cherry QC MP will be speaking at our April meeting about the Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper's Charter. We expect that this will be a popular event so we ask that you register your interest in attending.

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15 into 14 will go, or Edlug Christmas Meal 2015

Firstly, apologies for the tardiness in providing the review of our Christmas meal. Our Maintainer and Webmaster were both unavailable for most of December and the beginning of January due to a family bereavement, which took them out of town. We are slowly catching up with the backlog of tasks that accumulated.

But on to happier events...

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Beware of Imitations

The recent downtime has had an interesting effect. All the links on Google vanished giving an opportunity to see where else edlug is showing up on the web. Some of this seems to be legacy pages hosted at the university but there are a few that had me a bit worried. One example is the Open Tech Calendar where the person updating edlug details is probably not paying attention to the mailing list as our December meeting was listed as being a pub gathering in the Southsider rather than as the Christmas meal.

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Website Updates

I think it would be difficult for anyone to have failed to notice that the website has been offline for two weeks. We had to go into maintenance mode to patch the security hole in drupal. However, we discovered that the upgrading and patching was more complicated than we thought with the result that we've had to rebuild everything again from scratch. We are now going through to check all the links are working, so if you find something that's broken please let us know.

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What could possibly go wrong????

Time is fast approaching for the February meeting where we will be pleased to welcome Alex Stobart to talk about the work of the Open Rights Group in Edinburgh.  The only problem is that we might not have a venue for the meeting.  Our normal haunt, The Southsider on West Richmond Street, was closed on 6th January to undergo some major building works and refurbishment.  We were originally told that the pub would be opened again on the 24th January, but it seems that the builder thinks they will need at least another week to finish the work.

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Mailing List and Archives

After a lot of work behind the scenes by Ian and Mark we have found that there is no practical way that we can easily keep the archives up to date from Sympa on the University's server.  One alternative is that the mailing list should be moved away from the University and on to Lug.Org.Uk's mailing list server.  Initial contact with the admins has been successful and they have set up a list on their mailman server.

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Welcome to the New Look EdLUG Website

Following much work behind the scenes and after a number of false starts EdLUG finally has a brand new website on a new host.

Our old server, which was a Dell Poweredge with 128MB RAM and a Pentium processor has after many years of loyal service has finally been decommissioned.  This machine is a good advertisement for Linux as it has been running Red Hat 6.2 and since 2007 has had no patches applied nor any ongoing maintenance.  It has just sat in the corner of a lab quietly doing what it was set up to do with no dramas.

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