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Re: [edlug] How to mount USB drive

David Gibb wrote:

I was accessing the drive through the My Computer icon (There is no icon
on the desktop). Right-clicking properties shows the drive as unmounted. When I was trying to move files to the USB drive it started the move and
then stalled. I thought this might have been because the drive was

It is stalling, waiting on the drive to become ready before transferring the files. It looks like it isn't mounting it correctly. As a last resort try the following.

Plug your pen drive in before booting.

The startup hardware scan is more thourough than the USB hotplug scan, and may carry out all the steps needed to get things working properly.

There were some problems of this nature on older SUSE releases. Once the initial boot setup has been run and configured things everything then worked normally on subsequent hotpluggings.

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