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[edlug] AO(HELL)

I've been roped into migrating my wifes office from a single PC with a broadband ADSL modem to a full router setup so they can all access email and the internet simultaneously. Despite my recommendation not use AOL they did,. The only advantage I can see for AOL is uncapped usage, the office in question is lucky if they download 50Mb a month!!!

It's the first time I've touched AOL, previously installs with other providers have been a breeze as I can use the end users login and password at the ISP's portal and setup email accounts and collect the IMAP/POP, web proxy, etc information all ahead of time.

AOL seem to disallow any kind of useful configuration through the web portal, I can login and read their email and that's about it!

Does anyone know if it's possible to setup email accounts (or 'screen names' as they call them!!!) without the AOL software? I'm reluctant to use their software as I believe it can really mess up an existing Windows networking configuration (and it's only available for Windows and Mac).

Also, does anyone know what the login string is for the ASDL router (I assume the password is the 'master screen name').

This would been so much easier with any other ISP!!!


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