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Re: [edlug] AO(HELL)

Kevin Lee wrote:

anything to do with AOL is a pointless effort and a great waste of your time.

AOL once the leader in friendly useful isp provided, has changed to
50p/min help lines in india reading out scripts of reboot your pc, scan
for viruses, and thank you for calling aol.

I recommend them to NO ONE, and on top of it when most
broadband providers are month to month contracts, (the good ones)
AOL wants to keep you for an entire year.


I use zen.co.uk they just work.

I pleaded with them not to go with AOL because I feared exactly this, I even said I wouldn't help them if they did but I felt guilty and caved. Its quite laughable to see them rotating around the single connected system to access email and the web. I've not seen such closed, proprietary, user-unfriendly tools in a long time, how do they manage to have any customers at all??

To mart's comment, I can't see a way to add email addresses (screen names) other than through their software either so I guess I need to sacrifice a PC (or use a disposable VMware machine)

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