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Re: [edlug] open source for business

Great to see OpenSourceScotland backl again, well done guys ;-)


On 02/03/07, Alastair Broom <abroom@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

I spoke to a number of people at the meeting last night about Open Source Software being used by Scottish companies.

I also mentioned www.opensourcescotland.org, which has been set up by
myself and Kevin Campbell:

"OpenSourceScotland is an association website for any company operating in
 Scotland who uses, supports or promotes Open Source Software

We have the backing of Scotland IS (the trade body for the IT industry in
Scotland), and are aiming to have a Scotland-IS sponsored launch event
this summer before Debconf hits Edinburgh and aKademy hits Glasgow, with
lots of Press, and speakers from companies that use OSS.

The aim is to increase the profile of Open Source Software in the business
community, and show it is robust and flexible enough to run Scotland's
most successful businesses, while reducing costs.

So: if you work for a company that uses Open Source Software to runs its
infrastructure, or have products that run upon Open Source Platforms, or
are a provider of solutions or support upon Open Source Platforms,
please pass this email to your Sales/Marketing team, or CTO to see if
they would like to sign up at http://www.opensourcescotland.org

The site was knocked together quickly at the end of last year, and is
about to have a skin refresh, and the content expanded, so if you have a
business-oriented outlook and would like to contribute content or news
stories, or if you have any questions, please feel free to eMail
Alastair Broom  <al@xxx.xxx.xxx>
Kevin Campbell <kev@xxx.xxx.xxx>

Alastair Broom         Valley Technology Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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