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Re: [edlug] which virtual tech?

On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 02:07:25PM +0000, Matthew Slane wrote:
> When I'm using my desktop, I spend 99% of my time in Linux and 1% of my 
> time in Win2000.  I currently dual-boot but am thinking that running 
> windows as a virtual machine would probably be a better choice.  I've 
> got absolutely no experience and virtually no knowledge of vms, so some 
> questions.
> The desktop is an old athlon 1.3 tbird, would this be sufficient?

That's enough horsepower, but you'll need 1Gb of RAM or better for a
good experience with most options.

> Which vm application would be most suitable? There's so many now.

Two comments:

1. Really new to all this? Linux underneath? Then as a learning exercise,
something that is very easy to install and binary free is VMware server.
http://www.vmware.com/products/free_virtualization.html . I only suggest
it because it has a simple GUI that will let you experiement with the
possibilities without much grief. It gobbles RAM, so you'll want 2GB to
be comfortable, and like all the VMware products apart from ESX Server
is pretty inefficient.

Free options such as QEMU are much better and I much prefer them, and I
never recommend VMware. But if you're entirely new to all this then QEMU
may take you longer to get going. QEMU version 0.9.0 is being packaged
by the distros now, so in a few weeks I'll be reversing this
recommendation because 0.9.0 is much more friendly to beginners.

2. You'll hear a lot about Xen. It isn't an option for you:

   a. Without modern hardware you can't run Windows under Xen.

   b. Xen takes a very long time to get right if you're a beginner.

Dan Shearer
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