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Re: [edlug] which virtual tech?

On Sun, 2007-03-04 at 14:07 +0000, Matthew Slane wrote:
> When I'm using my desktop, I spend 99% of my time in Linux and 1% of my 
> time in Win2000.  I currently dual-boot but am thinking that running 
> windows as a virtual machine would probably be a better choice.  I've 
> got absolutely no experience and virtually no knowledge of vms, so some 
> questions.

What particular application(s) do you use win2k for ?

> The desktop is an old athlon 1.3 tbird, would this be sufficient?

Depends on the application.  Purely CPU intensive apps generally run
very efficiently (almost 100%) in a VM.  Anything which does a lot of
disk/net/graphics IO may crawl.  (If you're running Win2K for graphics
accelerated apps e.g games, forget about VM and stick to dual boot...
virtualization of host graphics hardware isn't there yet).

Memory is very important too.  If your host machine normally needs
512MByte to be happy, and you want to give 512MByte to a guest VM too...
well you'd better have a GigaByte of RAM in the machine.

> Which vm application would be most suitable? There's so many now.

I use vbox  http://www.virtualbox.org/ and find it to be quite easy to
use (control GUI seems to be largely a clone of Microsoft Virtual PC).
Haven't tried VMWare or QEMU or Xen.


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