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Re: [edlug] Processor choice for Linux desktop

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 13:17 +0000, asmith9983@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
> I'm looking at buying a new desktopand wonder what be the best buy
> between a system with :
> Intel Core 2 Duo
> Intel P4 dual core
> or AMD dual core Athlon 64
> probably the fastest clock speed on each model

Personally I'd go for a Core2 these days.
The sweet spot is surely the E6600 2.4GHz model, which has 4MB cache
(which gives it a nice speed bump over the lesser models with only 2MB).
The faster models cost tons more for relatively minor clock speed
increases (a 2.4GHz is 200 quid, a 2.93GHz is ~650 quid, as is a quad
core 2.66GHz Core2.  If I was going to spend 650 quid on a processor I'd
take the quad core over the slightly faster dual core any day; but IMHO
a far more sensible use for the extra 450 quid is to put it in the bank
and just replace the system that much sooner).

> 2Gb RAM
> SATA drives
> I'd want to run Ubuntu.

All good stuff.

> The 64 bit AMD  would seem to have the best long life, but does the Core 2 Duo 
> achitecture  give the snappiest performance?

"Long life" and computer hardware are NOT terms that go together.  A
nice monitor is probably the one bit of kit you can buy which will
plummet in value a little less slowly than the rest.

> Any comments based on real experience with these or alternative configurations 
> would be appreciated.

Core2 is a HUGE improvement on P4 (which is now obsolete; I'm surprised
you even mention it).  Haven't worked with AMD CPUs enough to comment
from experience.  When Core2 came out there were plenty of benchmarks
showing it thrashing equivalent AMDs, but AMD could have responded by
adjusting pricing since (don't know; haven't been watching).  My general
impression is that AMD need to get their nextgen K8L architecture out
(due ~middle of this year) to be competitive again.

>   I might even go the extra mile with 4Gb RAM.

Just what you planning on DOING with all that RAM ?  Heavy duty video
editing ?  Cosmological simulations ?  Medical imaging ?  Crazy things
with multiple virtual machines ?  Once you have more than you need,
adding even more is pretty pointless (again, keep the money and replace
the system that much sooner in the future).


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