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If you haven't already, would you please consider signing this open letter to Steve Jobs on DRM.


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Subject: DRM ACTION: Send a Message to Steve Jobs about DRM
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 10:46:29 -0800
From: Gregory Heller (DefectiveByDesign.org) <gregory@xxx.xxx.xxx>
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To: Mike McKay <mike.mckay@xxx.xxx.xxx>

Dear Mike,

Last month, Steve Jobs told the world that he thought DRM was dumb and pointless. He pledged to ditch it on the iTunes Music Store, if only the 4 major music labels would let him. He told us that it was up to the consumers to take action, and that there was nothing he could do, his hands were tied, so to speak. Since then the internet has been abuzz with all kinds of theories and ideas about what Jobs was thinking, and the things he could do to show his commitment.

We have drafted an open letter to Steve Jobs asking him to take action and show us that his DRM diatribe represents a pledge that he'll make good on, and not just a prank to divert attention and criticism from Apple.

Visit DefectiveByDesign now to sign the letter and see the countdown to April 1, the deadline by which we have asked Jobs to demonstrate his commitment, otherwise we'll know that his posturing is just an attempt to play us the fool.

Help spread the word by Digging this story and telling your friends.

In Solidarity,

Gregory, Peter, Henri and the DRM Elimination Crew

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