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[edlug] Re: Holyrood Tavern

> Personally I don't consider the Holyrood to be a particularly nice
> or pleasant place to be, add to that the poor choice of beers they
> had and you have a recipe for disaster.

Yes.  But, I wasn't going to say that :)

I helped to start the Scottish campaign for real ale back in the 
1980's which until recently had stalled or failed but seems to have 
come back now.  I was in the RAF back then.  We used to have our own 
small team of beer shifters who wandered around in their spare time 
trying out new brews or trying to help out people who were trying to 
establish something new.

The Holyrood - a long time ago - did have some decent beer but that 
went when I left Scotland or shortly afterwards.  Sadly I had to 
drink Red Stripe when I moved to the Caribbean but at least I got 
some decent beer when I returned to England and Scotland once again.

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