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Re: [edlug] [OT] Lcd TV or Lcd monitor

I'm very satisfied with my choice for BenQ 24" FP241W. Its in the 650£
area and PS2 looks very nice on it. Its HD ready too so you can connect
your cable box too. On top of that its an ace computer monitor - which
is what its made for in the first place :) ...


Jaume de Juan wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Sorry for the off-topic but after quite a lot of research I am still
> unable to decide on what should be the replacement of my current CRT
> monitor.
> It seems like certain LCD TVs are lowering prices quite a lot and
> getting quite close to the cost of standard LCD monitors although they
> seem to have rather unmatching specifications.
> The main use of this device would be as a computer monitor but I would
> also like to hook a playstation to it. Most recent models have
> response times equal or below 16ms, and considering that the TV tuner
> is built-in, there should be no lag between the actual game running
> and the content being displayed.
> The only drawback that I see about these LCD TVs is that their "native
> resolution" is pretty low, around something like 800x600/1024x768  for
> a 17'' and a even bit less for a 20'' (640x480).
> What I am trying to find out, is if that resolution is equivalent to
> the maximum one that the display can offer and if it could be somehow
> be adapted to higher values, such as 1280X1024 (my current config in a
> bog standard 19'' LCD) maintaining enough quality and definition for
> normal computer use like reading text on screen.
> Can anyone give me some hints/recommendations?
> Thanks a lot,
> Jaume
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