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Re: [edlug] [OT] Lcd TV or Lcd monitor

I've just gotten a Hannspree XV32 32" LCD TV. Misco are currently selling it for an exceptionally cheap £315 plus VAT:


Mine actually looks slightly different; circular power button in the middle, buttons on top (more like the picture on this page: http://www.loveno.be/product/12687/HANNspree-Xv-32-inch-LCD-TV.html)

The native LCD res is 1376x768. Windows will do 1370x768, which works fine; the LCD just doesn't use the (left|right)most 3px - hardly noticable. I haven't tried it in X yet.

It also down/upscales 1280x1024 (and lower resolutions - I've tried it with 1280x800 and 1024x768) to fit the screen.

You wouldn't want to have it too close to you, but it would work fine as a monitor - very vivid/sharp. Response time is good. It has D-SUB and HDMI inputs (as well as HD Component and a bunch more) and works great with a variety of kit. Speakers are a surprisingly decent quality.

Out of the five or six of these I've seen people buy, only one's so far had any problems, in spite of the fact that I'd never heard of the Hannspree brand before - a vertical green line down the middle of the unit straight after shipping, which was fairly promptly replaced by the vendor (ingram).

- James.

Lysimachos Zografos wrote:
I'm very satisfied with my choice for BenQ 24" FP241W. Its in the 650£
area and PS2 looks very nice on it. Its HD ready too so you can connect
your cable box too. On top of that its an ace computer monitor - which
is what its made for in the first place :) ...


Jaume de Juan wrote:
Hi guys,

Sorry for the off-topic but after quite a lot of research I am still
unable to decide on what should be the replacement of my current CRT

It seems like certain LCD TVs are lowering prices quite a lot and
getting quite close to the cost of standard LCD monitors although they
seem to have rather unmatching specifications.
The main use of this device would be as a computer monitor but I would
also like to hook a playstation to it. Most recent models have
response times equal or below 16ms, and considering that the TV tuner
is built-in, there should be no lag between the actual game running
and the content being displayed.

The only drawback that I see about these LCD TVs is that their "native
resolution" is pretty low, around something like 800x600/1024x768  for
a 17'' and a even bit less for a 20'' (640x480).

What I am trying to find out, is if that resolution is equivalent to
the maximum one that the display can offer and if it could be somehow
be adapted to higher values, such as 1280X1024 (my current config in a
bog standard 19'' LCD) maintaining enough quality and definition for
normal computer use like reading text on screen.

Can anyone give me some hints/recommendations?

Thanks a lot,

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