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Re: [edlug] Broadband Internet Suppliers

Be are quite good with upto 24Mbps connection speed and unlimited download allowance.
I get quite a few connection dropouts thesedays but then again am trying to connect together their Bebox (speedtouch 780),a linksys router WRT54GL running Openwrt and a Fon.
Most other people seem ok on the connection front, their support phone lines are on 24/7, the phone support team is based in Bulgaria and are all very clued up. So you will get to speak to someone who is at least partly knowledgeable if not more.
They are doing a free month and a free connection on a referrel basis I believe too so now would be a good time to join.
Though you have to be on their exchange to get with Be. I have to say though the connection speeds are consistent and you won't find a drop in speed during the evenings. All in all highly recommended.
On 3/14/07, Andrew Williams <andy@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

OK, so it is an age old debate I know but the landscape is forever

Currrently I am with Blueyonder / Virgin Media and I have found of
late their internet to be rather unreliable.

I am looking for an alternative that has no download limits and a
good solid, reasonable speed connection.

Any recommendations at this time?

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