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Re: [edlug] Re: Holyrood Tavern

On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 07:57:51PM +0000, David M wrote:
> Is there a wiki or summat somewhere where we can note down suggestions
> for talks so that levels of interest can be recorded and it can
> gradually coalesce into some kind of meeting schedule (once we have a
> venue sorted out)?
> It would be good not to lose the momentum that this thread seems to have
> generated..

Good point. I have just created a page on the wiki at
http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/EdlugMeetings which I think captures the
ofers of sponsorship and speakers. In addition to the talks listed there
I know of four other people who have said they'd be willing to come,
it's just a matter of scheduling them. 

Please hack that page.

Then there's the 100% chance of getting at least one speaker out of
DebConf, maybe two if we can get the dates right (one at the very
beginning, one at the very end.) We've probably all got favourite topics
we'd like to hear about.

Dan Shearer
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