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[edlug] Interesting Project, Seeking a Smart Collaborator.

I'm looking for an Edinburgh-based collaborator for a straightforward but, I think, very promising project.

My skills are in programming, design, ideas and pushing ideas.  While
I have a pretty good broad knowledge of servers, I recognise that, if
this takes off as I think it will, it is going to require someone with
a deeper understanding and interest in that side of things to get the
foundations right - I need someone who lives and breathes his OS, who
schedules a cron job to remind himself to go to the bathroom.

Without going into too much detail, the idea involves pumping out
images but with a twist that caters to a very specific niche which
no-one else seems to have noticed yet - it's an absolute stormer of an
idea, with a very specific, very real and reasonably big market.  It
isn't just an idea, I have most of the implementation worked out.  It
has a sane financial model but money is not the primary goal here,
it's more about opening up the opportunity to do more stuff.  If
possible, I would like this to be a free (as in beer) service.

The front-end will be AJAX/Rails, on Ruby or JRuby.  The underlying OS
can be BSD, Debian, Solaris or whatever you're comfortable with other
than Windows.  I have a spare server we can use with a monthly BW of
1000GB to get us started.  Beyond that, things get interesting as we
can consider using EC3 and S2 as usage grows.

The basic idea is simple and achievable.  Our initial focus should be
on doing one job as well as possible.  I subscribe 100% to the "get it
right first time" engineering sensibility as opposed to the
skin-of-your-pants, "good enough", Just-Ship-It sensibility.  If the
idea takes off, there will be plenty of opportunity to add to it or
come up with complimentary services.

I don't see this project taking up a lot of my collaborator's time -
if you know what you're doing, it should be a cinch - but it would be
good if you have a inquisitive mind and an interest in doing more
stuff in the future.  I'm sure that most of you share my surprise when
ideas we thought were pretty damn obvious two years ago suddenly pop
up as the Next Big Thing.  My feeling is that there are a lot of
interesting trends coming together right now, I have made a decision
not to sit this one out and watch those ideas float by.  There is a
lot of comfort in not taking chances, in not throwing the dice, in
simply watching the parade pass by but, to Hell with that, I suspect
that actually giving it a go will be a lot more fun.

Age, gender, race or dodgy facial hair don't matter, only integrity
and skill.  If you are in any way interested, let's meet up for a beer
and I'll fill you in on what I've got so far, I think the idea sells
itself and, at the very least, you'll get a giggle out of it.

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