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Re: [edlug] Taking a step back...

This might help

Rodti MacLeary <rodti@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

As I'm sure you're all quite (painfully) aware, I've got a new Debian
dedicated server. I'm still a bit wet behind the ears with Linux,
but I'm reasonably happy I know where things are, how to get around
in the command line, and how to much about with .conf files. I'm
determined to make this work because

a) I've got a Windows 2003 dedicated server
b) It costs me £80/month (ouch)
c) I've moved from Windows PCs to Macs at home, and now want nothing
to do with Windows.

The real problem I'm finding with command line admin in Debian is
that while I've worked out how to set up sites in Apache using
httpd.conf, got a slightly ropey Postfix setup going, and resorted to
PureFTPd when I couldn't get proftpd or vsftpd to work, it's just a
complete hassle to set up something simple like a domain with one
email and one FTP account.

I've looked at panels, but all the free ones look awful and I'm not
keen on not knowing how they're configuring things. Can anyone point
me to a 'recommended' combination of Apache, Postfix/Courier and FTP
server setups that are generally regarded as both reliable _and_
reasonably easy to configure? I've seen lots of suggestions for each
of these elements on howtoforge.com and similar sites but to be
honest I have no idea which ones are any cop.

I know this is all a big ask, but any feedback appreciated :-) I've
adopted a 'clean slate' policy and have re-imaged my server, ready to
start afresh!

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