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[edlug] EdLUG's new meeting place


EdLUG has a problem. We've lost our social meeting place. This is the place where we meet and chat and have a few drinks. This is the place where any member can stand up and make announcements or show off some thing interesting, where we hold raffles, where we make friends.

What EdLUg still has is a facility at Drummond Str where we can do talks. It has OHP, internet access etc, seating for many. We also have the Auld Hoose for food. We need to see if any new meeting place is sustainable or should be move on from these facilities.

I've received many suggestions for a new venue. Thanks for all the input. However those that remember what happened last time will realize that the approach taken at the time by myself and my "cabal of secret, closed circle friends" was roundly criticized on the list ;-).

So this time things will be different.

The next meeting of EdLUG will be in the Auld Hoose, this will be an extraordinary meeting.

All options for a new venue will be put on the table. I want you to decide whom you wish to sort this out and how. I, of course, offer my services, if you want them?

I'll bring a street map of Edinburgh with the current suggestions clearly marked. I'll also bring some sheets explaining each venue and who proposed it. If you like each proposer can have their say.

If you want I'm happy to do the leg work and assess each venue and deal with the paper work and money issues if any look like runners. I'm happy to take people with me for this as I did last time. But I want this to be decided upon by EdLUG, I'm not having any more shenanigans on the list about "little Napoleons in charge of EdLUG"!

We also have the option of joining the ScotLUG Wiki. I suggest a show of hands to see if the LUG approves of this.

This is also an opportunity for anyone else to put themselves up for the positions of Secretary of the LUG. I'm happy to continue putting in the work, but I'm not going to be accused of stopping others from having a crack at the whip too.

I know that some of you are desperate to settle this now, on the list, before the next meeting in the 5th of April, but I believe this is not the way. A rushed decision, without the support of the group may lead to EdLUG forking.

So please come along if you love the LUG, we need you.

PS. Yes I know the mail archive has an issue, I'm working on it.

PPS Is anyone whom is going to the UKUUG Spring conference up to either presenting their talk for EdLUG or standing up at the next social and telling us about it?

PPPS I'm making inquiries to see if the new IT Forum at Ed Uni would like to do talks for EdLUG as well. Watch this space.


This time she's the lesser of two evils.


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