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Re: [edlug] My CCNA Books

Peter George gave me a pile of CCNA/CCNP stuff to look after for the edlug 
library, it may be contained in that - if not they may be useful. He gave me 
these about two year ago.

I'm currently away from home and not sure exactly when I'll be around to 
confirm that I have the specific texts your after, sorry...

On Tuesday 27 March 2007 07:14, William Hamilton wrote:
> I lend my two hardback CCNA books to someone from EdLUG way back last
> year (summer time maybe?) and I wouldn't mind getting them back at some
> point.
> I did email the list many months ago but the person either no longer
> reads the list or didn't get round to replying, so if it's yourself can
> you let me know?
> It would probably be wise to take people's contact details (or even
> their name...) when lending people stuff, but to be fair the person I
> lent them to is the only person I have seen at EdLUG with a prosthetic
> arm, so does that ring any bells with anyone?
> I would like to do my exam soon and it would be quite handy to have the
> official Cisco books to study from :)
> Billy
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