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Re: [edlug] How to tee the audio from a program into a file?

Apparently I wasn't clear - neither jackd nor qjackctl are tools for recording. It's probably a bit overkill anyway: if you don't require a "digital-only" recording path you can try to choose the PCM channel as a recording source in your favourite mixer app. Some soundcards won't allow that, though.

Apollon Koutlidis

Robert Rothenberg wrote:
Any place I can find a good tutorial on this? Or documentation? It doesn't
seem to have any plugins to connect to/from, and all it seems to do is mute
the audio when running but not create any files.

On 29/03/07 17:52 Apollon Koutlidis wrote:
Assuming you are using ALSA, you might try JACK (http://jackaudio.org/)
- maybe together with a GUI front-end (like qjackctl -
http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net/). It should be fairly easy to duplicate
the audio to both the PCM out of your soundcard and a JACK-enabled
recording tool.

Apollon Koutlidis



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