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Re: [edlug] How to tee the audio from a program into a file?

Robert Rothenberg wrote:
I've seen references to a capture plugin for jack while searching on the
internet, but nothing concrete enough. Has anyone written such a utility?
I'm not sure what you're looking for - but if all you want is to capture from a JACK source then you should be able to do it with *any* alsa-capable recording program: Just connect your JACK source to the corresponding ALSA outputs and start recording. You could also use a JACK-enabled application that can register with JACK and then you just need to connect whichever source you want to capture to the application's inputs. Ardour is one such example (although a full-fledged LADSPA-enabled multitrack HDR might be way too much if all you want to do is a simple once-off recording from a single source).


Apollon Koutlidis
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