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Re: [edlug] Re: EdLUG's new meeting place

On Fri Mar 30 2007 17:58 +0100, Robert Mclay wrote:
>  Am I picking things up wrong, or is the new proposal
>  that the meeting each month *must* have a talk, and
>  be at some commercial venue...?

I think the idea is to adopt a venue that is more open to talks, demos,
and other stuff - where people won't be afraid to get beer on their kit.

>  The ScotLug format seems to be very driven in their
>  attitude, whereas here at EdLug, things are slightly
>  more relaxed.  Hopefully we won't end up loosing the
>  spirit that makes EdLug special.

I'd say "active" rather than "driven".  The pub is a side issue rather
than the main event.

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