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Re: [edlug] Re: EdLUG's new meeting place

I think waiting another month would be a missed opportunity. I don't read any *must* into any of the posts on the proposal, however, personally speaking, I think a talk each month sounds like a great idea. i can think of some cool guest speakers I'd like to see visit as well.

Some initial volunteer speakers are ready to go right now, as well as
a few hands in the air for an audience. The only thing that needs
organising in 6 days is booking the venue and announcing that there's
an informal talk on.

I can't think of a good reason to hold off another month.

So how about, Auld Hoose for warmup beers, those who are up for the
talk go do that, and join those who aren't too bothered with a talk
back at the pub after?



On 30/03/07, Robert Mclay <the80sphreak@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

 Am I picking things up wrong, or is the new proposal
 that the meeting each month *must* have a talk, and
 be at some commercial venue...?

 I'd prefer we stuck to the Auld Hoose this month and
 made plans for May's meeting, as 6 days is not ideal
 to re-arrange things.

 The ScotLug format seems to be very driven in their
 attitude, whereas here at EdLug, things are slightly
 more relaxed.  Hopefully we won't end up loosing the
 spirit that makes EdLug special.

 Just mp 2p worth, there's people on this list more
 qualified than me to decide where out new home is...


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