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Re: [edlug] PCI SATA controller recommendations ?

On 1 Oct 2007, at 14:05, Tim Day wrote:

I'm looking for a Linux-friendly SATA controller. Needs to support more than 2 drives (3 or 4). Good old classic PCI, not PCI-X or PCIe.

Any suggestions for something which will Just Work with Debian Etch ?
(Lenny an option if it makes life easier though). [...]

I have a Startech adapter with two channels, in a PCI slot. I had problems getting it set up in the BIOS, in fact it won't respond to the key displayed in the boot-up routine (F4 or Ctrl-S, if I recall correctly), not even when flashed with an updated BIOS. I have been recommended to build a new version of my initrd file but I haven't bothered with this yet since I generally use this SATA disk for storage and simply switch it on and mount it when I need it. As such it works perfectly. The card is also advertised as Linux compatible.

Best wishes,

Ian A

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