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Re: [edlug] Linux Virtualization and Windows

Even better than using a virtual machine, which in itself will have dire effects on performance of
most games (solitaire might run fine, but there are card games available to linux anyway!), you
might be better taking a look at TransGaming's Cedega [http://www.transgaming.com/].

They have just signed a deal with EVE-Online (a game I used to play 2 accounts on at the same
time) to improve the compatibility and performance - I got roughly half the frame rate using one
instance about a year ago, and couldn't run 2 successfully at the same time. They are coming on in
leaps and bounds and are also now bringing PC games to the Mac.

Ok, the downside is you need a subscription, however, if you are happy enough to build from CVS
sources, you don't need to pay a penny :)



p.s. Windows can run in Xen, but you'll need a fairly recent CPU (although I'm still running
Socket A Athlon's, so I don't know if it will work on the free version of Xen)

--- "max@xxx.xxx.xxx" <max@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to do away with my Windows OS altogether, but there are still a
> number of games that Joanne and I play on Windows.  I've had a brief Google
> on the subject but got lost fairly quickly... what are my options for
> virtualization?  I've used VMWare before, but that isn't OSS - and from
> what I've read, Windows won't run on Xen...  How can I go about having a
> minimal Windows XP install running virtually inside Linux for the purposes
> of playing the odd game?  If I can do this then I can use Linux as my main
> desktop OS (not just for my servers), but still keep Joanne happy playing
> Sims?
> Cheers,
> Max
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