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Re: [edlug] Linux and Dell

Kyle Whittington wrote:
> "But since common tasks like watching a movie or syncing an iPod require
> hunting for and installing extra software, Linux is best for technically
> savvy users or for people whose needs are so basic that they will never
> need anything other than the bundled software."
> Watching a movie requires hunting for and installing extra software?
> Especially the use of the word "hunt". Clearly he isn't a very good
> hunter, because the type of hunting he is used to, is to click
> Add/Remove (just like in Windows), and install support for DVD MPEG (if
> this is what he means by movies; just like in Windows) or otherwise the
> additional codecs that you need to watch Xvid or some other format (just
> like in Windows). Hunting. hmm.

If an OS doesn't allow DVD watching out of the box, I can see where this
attitude comes from.  Unless there's a clear guide to watching
immediately available once you put a video DVD into a Linux machine,
it's always going to be a bit of an arse to deal with, even if it is as
simple as installing some extra packages.

> Syncing an iPod. So thats like, what, majority of the population now? We
> all just *use* iPods. Wouldn't touch one with a barge pole, and to group
> all people who use PC's into common things like the need to "sync an
> iPod" is like death on a stick. Aren't iPod users supposed to use that,
> oh-ess-ecks thing, anyways? I mean, we wouldn't want to spread our wings
> and use different brands of IT hardware/software, for different uses, in
> case the world implodes... or isn't that what Apple want you to think?
> How goes that little Intel ticker under the hood, anyways? Never have
> like iPod, especially since:

The iPod, in its various forms, is the world's most popular portable
digital media player.  Thinking that potential users will want to sync
their iPod using a Linux machine is not that outlandish, and referencing
the fact that it's again not immediately possible to do (or in fact do
at all with the latest iPod models) is fair IMO.

Imposing your own opinions on the article doesn't lessen the fact it's

Also, I've quite happily used iTunes on Win32 for years, OS X (not
"oh-ess-ecks") not required.  If Apple didn't want people to use other
people's hardware, they'd never have released the desktop software for
Windows, would they?

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