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Re: [edlug] LDAP ACL issue

Gavin Henry wrote:

When trying to save any preferences I'm getting an error;

Warning: ldap_mod_add() [function.ldap-mod-add]: Modify: Type or value
exists in /usr/share/php/Horde/Prefs/ldap.php on line 491

That's quite clear and nothing to do with ACLs. The attribute you are
trying to modify is already that value.
That's what I thought it said, I guess this is a Horde code issue, perhaps it's trying to read something and gets itself in a a spot of bother. It has the object classes required since the operation that causes this warning actually works (saving prefs). I'll wait for the Horde people to reply about this and see what I can make of it myself if I can ever find the time ;)
you need to add later:

index uid eq
I added this and I get authentication failures and various reports saying the server is unwilling to preform the action (Error 53) which is odd. I added that line just before the only index line in the default install (index objectClass eq) but I have it commented out right now since I don't have time to work out why it didn't work.

No ACLs issues here. Clear out your test directory and start again.
Oh well. As I'm not sure what Horde is trying to do, this will require further investigation. As eve Gav, thanks for the help mate.

Martin Fraser.

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