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Re: [edlug] speed talks 1st nov

 Hi Andrew,

 Unfortunately, I won't be comparing VMWare, bochs,
 etc.  However, I have had a play with Bochs, and
 it's a nice piece of software, but I feel it
 hasn't reached the maturity of such software as
 Xen or even M$ VPC.  Bochs is quite good at
 running Slax/Knoppix/M$-Dos. although things like
 XP *can* run, I wouldn't recommend it. Stability
 is not good.

 I'm hoping to show how even VMWare player could
 use coyote Linux if you need to set up a quick
 and dirty LAN, and there is limited resources...

 If you have an unused Vista (Windows ME for the
 new millennium, :)) license, then why not try the
 IEs4Linux package...?

 Due to Micro$oft's licensing, bundled IE is not
 the same as free as in firefox, and you will need
 to have a license for some M$ OS, even Win95 will
 suffice.  I picked up my legit, boxed 98 CD with
 COA for £1 at a computer fair in Tottenham court

 I'd say that would save you having to boot so
 many PCs.  I'm very grateful for the offer, I'll
 take you up on it some day :)


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