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[edlug] need some serious and urgent advice

Hi everyone,

Fruit of being already something past midnight and reading slashdot
while trying to "bring back to life" the laptop of a friend of mine I
made a really stupid move and I need some advice before I make this a
real big mess out of the current situation.

By mistake I have deleted the partition map from the laptop's HDD.
I thought I was deleting an ext3 partition on a external usb drive
only to find out that gparted said "partition /dev/hda" successfully

As far as I know the data is still "there" and if I am able to restore
the partition map I should still manage to get all the information
stored in the disk.

So basically could you please give a me a bit of a brainstorm with
some helpful ideas?

The livecd environment is still up with gparted running right after
commiting this crime, and yes the "edit > undo" option is already
greyed out because I have indeed deleted the partition table.

So now I have this hdd with 60Gb of unallocated space to be restored,
it would be great if the name files could also be kept.

Could you please help me out?

Ps: Sorry buy I haven't STFW yet, my fingers where just shaking 5
minutes ago and AFAIK there should be a non-destructive solution for

thanks a lot guys,

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