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Re: [edlug] a rather peculiar problem


The student at QMU phoned me to let me know that earlier a techie from the IT department came over and logged on as administrator.
He "did something" and now it works for him - and he can go online.

Networking - don't you just love it!

Mark - no registering is required via ethernet it is purely a log-in process via username and password. Another laptop did work fine on the same port - ibm x41.

I am not going to know how the techie resolved the issue but maybe it was vista doing something weird.

Thanks everyone for the help though.


On 10/9/07, Mark Cairney <Mark.Cairney@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
Just a hunch here but do QMU use any form of web proxies to the internet?
Also although you've ruled out MAC address filtering but did the user
have to register his network card MAC address with whoever runs the
network at any point? Im just wondering in case the wrong adapter was
Have you tried another laptop on the network (preferably the same port)
to see if it works?
Finally do they use any form of authentication to get onto the internet
a la Ed Uni's bluesocket wireless gateway/ Laplan2?



Tahir Hafiz wrote:
> Hello,
> I was helping a student at Queen Margarets University in the new
> campus with a problem they were having with their laptop connecting to
> the university network in his room on Sunday via a wired ethernet
> connection.
> I spent several hours trying to help him have internet access but to
> no avail with his laptop in his room (its an HP dv9398eu) .
> Basically, his laptop had Vista installed and the university techies
> have told him that it is the laptop not the network that is at fault.
> So I went to the campus and tried to get the laptop to connect.
> I discovered that he could log in to the network as he received a pop
> up window telling him that he was logged in but he couldn't surf the net.
> I pinged out (ping www.bbc.co.uk <http://www.bbc.co.uk>) and got back
> www.bbc.net.co.uk <http://www.bbc.net.co.uk > and an ip address of the
> bbc through dns resolution. So I think he can connect to the dns
> servers ok. But he didn't get any pings back. So data packets were not
> getting back to him.  I thought he had a security setting switched on
> under Vista preventing him surfing the net via a redirected webpage so
> I spent a long time in vain trying to switch on/off whatever setting
> it was but nothing worked. I saw there were quite a few network
> adapters labelled "tunnelling .....eth...etc ..etc" which I thought
> was weird as well as the normal one. I switched off IPv6 and had only
> IPv4 but still it didn't help.
> Last night he put xp on and same issue, he also tried a number of live
> linux cds which I gave him (ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu) but same thing -
> he can log in to the network but no further - no further webpages, no
> web browsing.
> So I don't think it is a security setting. Could his hardware be at
> fault in some way?
> He has tried an ethernet to usb adapter and again no further access
> beyond the university log-in page (the adapter would have had a
> different MAC address ) so it can't be his laptop is denied access
> because of MAC address filtering.
> When someone else tried to log-in with his HP laptop she also did not
> get beyond the log-in page - that was on Sunday evening. However, when
> she used a different laptop (IBM x41) plugged into the same ethernet
> port she was able to log on and surf the internet. This other IBM
> laptop also worked for him.
> Furthermore, he says he bought the HP laptop from PC World a week ago,
> took it to his room, and says other people came round to look at it,
> people chatted away amiably and he says one girl saw a student
> checking emails on his HP laptop, so the first student who logged on
> got through. When he tried it he was denied access to the internet.
> I don't know? Has anyone seen anything like this before?
> Thank you,
> Tahir

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