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[edlug] Free Software Infrastructure in Informatics: video

Hello All,

Here is my first attempt at making a google video of
the talk last thursday, many thanks to simon and
stephen for their talk


I thought I would give you a couple of the technical
details of the process of making the video.

The talk ended up being 1 1/2 hours long. This makes
for a very large film. It could take several hours to
compress the film from the raw footage from the little
panasonic hand held camera that I used.

I did very little editing of the film apart from add a
few slides at the beginning.

I used imovie 08 which I would not recomment
imovie-hd(06) is much better and easier. I have heard
that Kino 1.1.1 is much improved but the machine I
used was a Quad Mac Pro and I am waiting for the next
release of ubuntu before I risk putting it on my
machine due to overheating problems.

The biggest problem by far that I had was with the
Google uploader program. You need this for files that
are over 100Mb. The film came in at about 600Mb. It
took several hours to upload this film. I had to do
this several times because the film gets tested and
then converted to flash by Google. After it was
uploaded I received a "failed" message without any
explanation as to why. Although I can only guess at
what went wrong, the things I looked at were

Slow uploading by my service to google video. I use
virgin media(blueyonder) which gave only 100kb uplink

The black and white slides at the beginning were
corrupted by the "to flash" conversion.

I tried various formats to upload m4p was the most
successfull. This included ACC-LC audio which I
replaced my mp3 audio after it was "failed" by google
video. However ACC-LC audio and the original slides
were all accepted by google video with a later upload
even though it was exactly the same file ?

The film quality is just about good enough to read the
slides but as you will see the the flash conversion
makes it almost impossible to read them. This seems to
be the way with all similar talks that I have seen
with videoing people with overhead projectors. There
is a link to the slides at the side of the video.

In summary, it is fairly easy to do if a little
frustrating at first, most of the time you are either
waiting for the film to compress or upload. Lighting
and readability of the slides is a filming problem.
The quality of the film is much better if you view
them in the Ogg theora demos you can see on the Hants
LUG eg


but the advantage of Google video is storage,
maintenance, bandwidth usage of the files.

Keeping the video sections to under an hour would also
make editing easier

I would like to add a list of some of the talks that I
found in various places on the internet to the Scotlug
Wiki. I think it would be a good resource. I shall do
this when they open up the wiki to registered users

Gtk-recordmydesktop (in ubuntu symantic) is a fun
little  utility that records your desktop movements
into a film. This could make some excellent 10min
tutorial films but it does take a lot of work.



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