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Re: [edlug] a rather peculiar problem

On 12/10/2007, James (njan) Eaton-Lee <james.mailing@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
> vista-related:
> * There are considerable changes to how networking works in vista,
> ranging from a new tcp/ip stack to support for new protocols and
> technologies enabled out of the box, to changes to the behaviour of
> existing protocols (like DHCP).
> * There's also a lot of misinformation surrounding this behaviour, much
> of which comes from slashdot, which has been a steady source of
> misleading and badly edited/selected/summarised articles regarding Vista
> for quite some time (prime example - http://tinyurl.com/3dhtaq)
> Specifically:
> i) Vista has a totally new TCP/IP stack - see http://tinyurl.com/dkklc.
> This isn't the cause of any specific issues I'm aware of, but is worth
> noting (and is actually quite interesting).
> ii) Vista enables a bunch of new protocols by default, including a
> discovery protocol (LLDT) as well as IPv4/6 interop protocols (TEREDO
> and ISATAP). The behaviour of these under a range of circumstances may
> have yet to be discovered, as they're new.
> There's a good overview to many of these, as well as an exploration of
> (i) in a Symantec research paper by Tim Newsham and Jim Hoagland (this
> paper, too, has been misrepresented by slashdot) which is worth a read:
> http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/reference/ATR-VistaAttackSurface.pdf
> iii) Vista enables TCP Window Scaling by default. Lots of routers and
> network devices don't like this. See http://tinyurl.com/2ta5qg.
> iv) Vista changes the way DHCP behaves when it sends DHCPDISCOVER
> messages, enabling the BROADCAST flag, which requests broadcast rather
> than unicast DHCPOFFER and DHCPACK messages back from the responding
> server. Many routers/DHCP Servers don't like this (slashdot have covered
> this one too...), even though it's per-the-RFC (if illogical) behaviour.
> Why this has been enabled is a bit of a mystery, but this behaviour can
> very simply be altered (and reverted to the pre-Vista setting):
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/928233
> Best guess, the IT person had encountered this one before and figured
> out which one it was, guessed and did several, or there's some other
> consideration (proxy settings, 802.1x, DNS Servers, hosts file entries,
> or any number of other wacky-and-wonderful things).
> HTH.
>   - James.
 apropos of nothing, I gave up trying to get Vista to print via a
wireless network onto an XP machine as the print server, Win98 could
manage it and it wasn't a problem for my linux laptop but Vista just
would not <exacerbated smilie>

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