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Re: [edlug] Linux Based Linksys Router (WRT54GL)

 Hi Alistair,

 I'll re-flash mine with the boring old Linksys and
 do a quick demo if you like.  I'm happy to do it,
 but I suffer from the Blue Peter effect, so I'll
 bring along 2.  One is the GL which supports most
 firmwares and a smaller dd-wrt version (German

 Due to a prior commitment, I'll be leaving VT at
 9pm, but should be in the auld hoose from 5pm
 onwards, and I'll bring all the stuff in December
 too, for any who can't make it to November.

 These devices are a great buy, and with a little
 work, you can do things with a £40 device I would
 expect of a £4000 router.

 One thing I will say, is that the amount of RAM,
 flash and chipsets vary wildly from version to
 version; and there is no easy way to tell if the
 item you fancy is on e-bay.  At least with any
 version GL, it will run most of the firmware out
 there, but if you are lucky and find a WRT54G
 version 1.0; these come with 32MB RAM and 16MB

 PS: I'm running Telewest/Virgin cable at home,
 which pulls a DHCP lease when switched on.


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