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Re: [edlug] Linux Based Linksys Router (WRT54GL)

Dave Morriss wrote:
Angus Rae said the following on 23/10/2007 15:45:
Yes, that's the case. You can either have an ADSL router or modem connecting as per normal with the WRT54G connected as a standard device off that router and acting as a router to everything else (essentially the same as if it was plugged into a cable modem) or you can put the ADSL router into bridge mode and have the ADSL connection negotiated by the WRT54G; I'm running in this particular mode.

Thanks for the clarification, but what do you mean by "bridge mode" exactly? I'm thinking I could use my existing Netgear that way, but I assume it wants to do the ISP login etc. Perhaps my concept of how this all works isn't quite right, but it's not clear what to turn on or off to achieve this.

By "bridge mode" I mean precisely that; bridge mode. It will be an option on your ADSL device (although I have to admit that checking the manual for your router shows no mention of it; it might be one of those options that the manual writers never expect you to do, or perhaps Netgear have removed it these days). Essentially it turns the ADSL device into a dumb device that converts the ADSL signal and passes it along to another device that will do any authentication and configuration required. On some routers it's known as "modem" mode - you have two options, "modem" and "router", with the "modem" mode being a bridged connection

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