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Re: [edlug] Moving iPhoto to Linux

Dan Shearer wrote:
Does any image junkie know how to move from iPhoto 5.04 (263) to Linux?

Let's say the Linux target is F-spot, although I'm willing to listen to
any alternative suggestions. I want movies and full raw images to come
I really like f-spot for images (I currently have 12000 images...) although I'm not sure that it can do movies
So far the only idea I have had is to buy the £12 addon for iPhoto and
upload everything to Flikr (!) and download it all again. Probably
paying for space on Flickr, haven't checked that bit (I'm not an image
I think this may work, space on Flickr is actaully quite cheap, $25 a year for unlimited uploads and storage so not a bad way to back up your e-mails.
Any advances on this bad idea?
I'm pretty sure that you can just copy the photo's onto the linux box and select import....

The only issue would be if the user has added lots of metadata to the photos, then these may be lost by a direct import. F-spot stores the metadata in a sqllite database so it's trivial to write some SQL to insert it in if it can be exported from iPhoto....


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