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Re: [edlug] Visit in Edinburgh

Hi Faye

If you're collecting numbers, I'll be along. Dominik was one of the most informed and helpful people in the Edlug group.


On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, C. Dominik Bódi wrote:

Hello the list,

Dominik has finally managed to report back in after long time of absence
without leave ;-)

My move went fine, job is ok, too. Apart from some recent troubles with my
teeth, I am alive and kicking.

To get to the point, I will be visiting Edinburgh in two weeks in order to
attend a friend's wedding. I'll arrive on Thursday 8/11 afternoon and will
leave Monday morning. Friday night and Saturday are booked for the wedding
celebrations already, but I would love to see some of the fellow Edluggers I
got to know and like so well during my stay in Auld Reekie again. Perhaps
edlug could schedule a wee in-between meetting at the Auld Hoose on Thursday?
Last time I checked that was the chosen venue for pre-meeting get-togethers
anyway, and I don't plan to do a talk, really. This time I'll disguise my
geeky self as a tourist. On. Vacation. ;-)
Anyways, meeting at the Auld Hoose would have the benefit of me being able to
enjoy one of those Yummy Monster Burgers(tm) again :-)

What do you think? Fancy enduring the annoying company of that krumpy kraut
(hehe, great name for one of the next ubuntu releases) once more? I promise I
will buy a round or two, as well.


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