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Re: [edlug] ubuntu mac mini and netgear router woes

No under Mac OSX it didn't work either, I was using the mini via wi-fi
(the belkin ethernet to usb adapter didn't work for OSX as no drivers

>From memory, it did work in the beginning on Mac OSX. You see many
months ago now, the mini was connected to a 'bebox' (a thomson
speedtouch modem router) and all was well. And then later on for some
reason it stopped working. I switched it over to wifi after that.

I then used a Netgear DG834N instead of the bebox but still it didn't work.

Perhaps I have damaged the ethernet port in some way and that is why
it cuts out the connection.

> Just out of curiosity, does the network hardware work together with
> Apple's Drivers (i.e. under MacOS X)?
> Andrew
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