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Re: [edlug] small linux os's on NAS devices

Thanks for your comments on the SLUG. The new SLUGs come with the 266MHz
processor, but yes, I did feel they might be slow for my purposes. The main
reason I don't want to use a normal pc is power usage. I was hoping to
replace my current AMD 3200 with its 300W power supply and three fans (case,
CPU, and PSU) for something that would be quiet and burn less energy (this
thing is always on). Trouble is, it seems one then runs into being stuck
with whatever flavor of embedded linux comes with the device.

I suggest asking around friends, looking on ebay etc, for a laptop with a broken screen; faster CPU, more memory and better expansion via Cardbus etc than a SLUG or Xbox.

I've got an old Latitude C640, with broken screen, acting as a file server,
LCFG server, web server (for extended family) and internal home network router
all for 40W (and silent):-) (Of course, it's LCFG (www.lcfg.org) managed ;-) )

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