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EdLUG Mailing List FAQ

  1. Subscribing and Unsubscribing

    You can subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing list by going to our mailman site and following the onscreen directions.

  2. Etiquette

    • Please send messages from the address you subscribed with. If you don't one of two things will happen depending upon the whim of the list administrator:
      1. He is in a good mood and forwards it to the list after some indeterminate delay.
      2. He bounces the message back to you with a rude message about posting from your subscribed address.
    • Please be nice, no flame wars.
    • People of all ages read this list. Please don't send anything you would not want your own children to read.
    • Please keep to the topic of EdLUG/Linux/UNIX or computing in general.
  3. I don't live in Edinburgh, can I still join?

    Yes, although this is the Edinburgh Linux Users Group we welcome anyone with an interest in Linux no matter where their physical location.

  4. I'm not a member of EdLUG can I still join the mailing list?

    Yes, although you may miss out on all the activities and tutorials.

  5. Can I advertize on this list?

    No, but...

    • Use your common sense; if you have some computer equipment you're giving away then please let us know.
    • If you want to give a talk, tutorial, demonstration, BBQ etc. please let us know
    • Advertizement of jobs is something we are sorting out now. As a general rule of thumb if you're not an agency send in a cautious plain text short advert. Please prepend the subject with [JOBS].
    • If you're an agency/large company or it's your job to advertise jobs and you have nothing to do with GNU/Linux per se then for the moment email them (in plain text) to
    • If your looking for a job and you're a regular member of EdLUG please feel free to remind us that your available, but keep it short and don't send your CV to the list - perhaps a link for example.
  6. Do you have an archive?

    Yes. Currently the archive only covers mail that was archived by MHonarc on our old majordomo list. It was started in June 2002 and is complete until March 2013. If you would not like to have your email listed you can change your settings at the mailman page or contact the maintainer

  7. Who runs the list?

    The list is graciously run and maintained by Ian Stuart.


Faye Gibbins, Sep 2nd 2002
Last Amended: Jan Goulding, Nov 22nd 2014