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Website Updates

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I think it would be difficult for anyone to have failed to notice that the website has been offline for two weeks. We had to go into maintenance mode to patch the security hole in drupal. However, we discovered that the upgrading and patching was more complicated than we thought with the result that we've had to rebuild everything again from scratch. We are now going through to check all the links are working, so if you find something that's broken please let us know.

We've also used the downtime to migrate the mailing list away from Edinburgh University's server to and brought in the new archive to the site. Sadly we can't get the two versions of the archive to be a single document but this is a minor inconvenience. There is a gap in the online archive as the messages from the University server are only available if you have an account with them, but the messages are being manually added to the archive so it should be complete very soon. We've also used the time to set up a Twitter feed and a Google+ community, links to which are available in the right sidebar.

The next Edlug meet up will be the Christmas meal at the La Sal restaurant on the 4th December 2014. The cost of the meal is £17.50 for three tapas plus a dessert or coffee. Drinks with the meal will cost extra. Places can be reserved by completing the online booking form. Final number have to be given to the restaurant by 28th November.

Finally, we are looking for contributors to the site, particularly how to guides and reviews. If you would like to help adding content to the site please use the contact form to make a submission.