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Beware of Imitations

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The recent downtime has had an interesting effect. All the links on Google vanished giving an opportunity to see where else edlug is showing up on the web. Some of this seems to be legacy pages hosted at the university but there are a few that had me a bit worried. One example is the Open Tech Calendar where the person updating edlug details is probably not paying attention to the mailing list as our December meeting was listed as being a pub gathering in the Southsider rather than as the Christmas meal. On trying to register an account it seems that someone is using edlug as the user name which is a bit annoying. However, I have registered an account and changed the details, but the lesson is clear - please don't trust information about Edlug from third party sites unless they have been specifically verified on this website.

We have an official Google+ community and an official twitter feed, both of which are linked to in the right hand column. We also have a page on Facebook, though this hasn't been updated in years, as well as a community on LinkedIn (again this hasn't been updated for a while). Anything else is unofficial and information given should be checked against this site.