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EdLUG Christmas Meal 2014

As a long time, and often times infrequent, member of EdLUG over the last 10 plus years I decided it would be rather lovely to round off another year of Linux with the EdLUG Christmas Meal. This one was held at La Sal (a Spanish tapas style restaurant) on Howden Street on Thursday 4th December.

I arrived just past the allotted half-hour of 7:30pm and was greeted by more than a dozen seated fellow Edluggers with beaming smiles and expectant appetites. Using and working with Linux clearly creates a healthy need for food!

I sat down and was introduced to my fellow Linux users who all seemed eminently friendly. We began with bread and olive oil, along with olives to wet our appetites.  Then a variety of delicious tapas followed including tortillas, patatas bravas, anchovies in olive oil and vinegar, chorizo in red wine sauce, battered and deep fried haddock, pork loin in mushroom sauce, etc, etc. I always like the culinary variety tapas offer and dear reader I assure you I was exceedingly pleased both by the range and the quantity offered.

For desert there was the choice of cheesecake or the far more popular Tarta de la Abuela (this constituted a biscuit base, creme anglaise, and brandy with orange juice). I chose the latter and it was moorishly good to the extent that I feel like I want to go back every evening and have another one, every evening I kid you not! 

What then followed after the meal was an impromptu after-party at an Edluggers flat around the corner from La Sal. I hung on till midnight before deciding that I really should try and get a good-ish nights sleep in order to be at least somewhat prepared for work.

In short if you are looking for great company with conversations ranging from operating systems, android phones, systemd, the future of Linux, augmented reality, squeezeboxes, ground loops, and some simply dazzling food that still lingers in the memory then the EdLUG Christmas Party is not to be missed!