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Hi all;

I wanted write a post to introduce myself to you, as I don't often get the chance to attend EdLUG meetings.

I started using Linux in about 1999 after suffering with Windoze for years and immediately liked how flexible and fast it is. Currently I'm using Ubuntu on a laptop hooked up to a TV.

I wanted to start this blog to document my home automation project and hopefully encourage myself to get on with it. When you see the words home automation, you may think it's just controlling lights or the thermostat, or maybe even changing the channel on the TV. But I want to go further than that, as I am also interested in self sufficiency. I want to be able to produce a lot of my own food, but find I am either too lazy or forget to do stuff at the right time and it gets ruined. I also want to be able to produce a lot of my own energy, to offset the cost of running all this automation.

I've been compiling a list of projects that I might be interested in using, but I'll get back to that tomorrow possibly. Last night I installed the usbip package from the repo. Apparently this exports a USB connected device over the network. It would be quite neat to have a docking station for several devices, where they get charged and connected through USB, and that then gets exported to the network, so I can synchronise folders from another computer. Just an initial little baby step, but it would keep the cables tidy and organised.

Thanks for reading; more later



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Hi Keith

Welcome to the EdLUG blog!

What you are setting out to do sounds very interesting indeed - thanks for also pointing out "usbip", I never even imagined that would be feasible.... I'm sure I could find uses for it!

Do keep us updated with your project and progress, I for one would love to hear about it!