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tmux - the next terminal multiplexer

Thursday, 7 May, 2015 - 19:30

Robert McLay will be giving a talk about tmux a tty multiplexing tool that will be set to replace gnu's screen command in the near future.

It is essentially an updated version of screen which has a cleaner and easier to maintain code base; the talk will cover some of the history and why Robert ended up moving from screen to tmux, as well as some of the issues you may encounter when using it.


The venerable screen tool is used both to turn a single terminal session into a multiple-screen terminal session (known as terminal multiplexing), and to also create sessions that are immune to ssh hangups - that is, if you log on remotely and want to run a job that will likely outlast your ssh session (or just simply want to leave after launching it) you would use screen.

It's an extremely handy remote system administration tool.


From the Wikipedia description of tmux (

Tmux includes most features of GNU Screen. It allows users to start a terminal session with clients that are not bound to a specific physical or virtual console; multiple terminal sessions can be created within a single terminal session and then freely rebound from one virtual console to another, and each session can have several connected clients. The features that differentiate tmux from GNU Screen are

  • menus for interactive selection of running sessions, windows or clients
  • window can be linked to an arbitrary number of sessions
  • vi-like or Emacs command mode (with auto completion) for managing tmux
  • lack of built-in serial and telnet clients (which some consider bloat for the terminal multiplexer)
  • easier configuration
  • different command keys—it is not a drop-in replacement for screen

The meeting will be in the back room of the Southsider Pub, West Richmond Street, Edinburgh. The talk should kick off shortly after 7:30pm. The main talk is expected to last around 40min, with time for Q&A afterwards.

After the talk, there will be time for socializing, with light bites and a chance to catch up with attendees.

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