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15 into 14 will go, or Edlug Christmas Meal 2015

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Firstly, apologies for the tardiness in providing the review of our Christmas meal. Our Maintainer and Webmaster were both unavailable for most of December and the beginning of January due to a family bereavement, which took them out of town. We are slowly catching up with the backlog of tasks that accumulated.

But on to happier events...

On a cold, wet evening a number of intrepid Edluggers made their way to the gastronomic delight that is La Sal. As usual many of our regular gourmets arrived in plenty of time to order drinks and relax a little before our food was served. As is normal there were stragglers who arrived a little more than fashionably late, but as this was a school night and people were travelling from work places during rush hour it's only to be expected. One person didn't actually make it to the restaurant, but in the spirit of Christmas we decided that we'd just eat his share of the banquet and tell him what he missed when we saw him next.

Our first selection of food arrived, and to say that we pounced on the initial range would probably be an understatement. Platters of anchovies in oil, frittatta, and aubergine were quickly devoured. As platters were emptied, our hosts served more delights: battered fish, baked chorizo, succulent prawns in garlic sauce and so on. Each new round of dishes were as delicious as those that had gone before and eaten with gusto by the gathered faithful.

Savour dishes over we looked forward to our desserts, but alas, it seemed that the previous customers had eaten all but a small selection of the puds, so with only a few exceptions we were left with churros as our only option. This was the only problem is an otherwise excellent meal, but as we were all so stuffed, it was a minor inconvenience.

So our gallant bunch, sated and, in some cases, slightly tipsy, agreed that a mighty fine night had been had and that we should reconvene at the same establishment in twelve months time, before staggering out into the dark Edinburgh night to our respective homes.