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Hovercraft ! a text-orented slide creation framework

Thursday, 3 May, 2018 - 19:30

This month, Kris will be presenting "Hovercraft! - Merging `convenience` and `cool`!"

Hovercraft! is a framework for creating slides using reStructuredText , compiling to impress.js compatible output - all that is needed to display the slides then is a browser!

Having your slides defined as pure text allows the entire project to be version controlled and automatically processed, and rendering in a browser means no office software is necessary on the presenter machine, removing any compatibility issues.

Its output supports a presenter area with notes and previews, as well as 3D effects, pan + zoom, just like any modern slide creation and presentation suite.


GitHub :

reStructuredText :



If you have never been to one of these meetings, just know that it's friendly and informal - grab a pint or a soda, come ask questions, get help with open source software and Linux, or simply rant & rave!

There will also be a Linux laptop on hand for a quick show and tell for anyone who is curious, and you can also bring your own laptop to troubleshoot Linux, or try Linux on your own laptop - without installing it.

The meeting will be in the back room of the Southsider pub, West Richmond Street, Edinburgh from 7:30pm, with a brief introduction to Linux, open source and free software for any newcomers.

The scheduled talk will start at 8pm.

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