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[EdLUG] March Meetup

Edinburgh Linux Users Group edlug at
Mon Feb 23 11:02:00 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I hope you enjoyed last meeting's talk on Temporal SQL implementations and
workings - thanks Phil!

For March I have confirmed we have a speaker, talking about hacking
Accessibility features in/to GNOME:

Magdalen Berns works with the GNOME Foundation as developer and maintainer
of the java-atk-wrapper module, as well as having been a sound engineer in
a previous career. I hope you wlll join in welcoming Magdalen to EdLUG!

As a side note, I met her at last year's Open Source Awards which takes
place at the Informatics Forum in Edinburgh University; this year's
instance of which is taking place this Wednesday.

As per usual, the EdLUG meeting will be Thursday 5th of March from 7:30pm
in the back room of the Southsider, West Richmond Street, Edinburgh.

Ciao tutti, e a presto!


Tai Kedzierski

IT Services Specialist
+44 (0) 7526 963 612 (portable GB)

  I use

*"Open Source Free Software is a matter of liberty, not price."*
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