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[EdLUG] November Meetup

Edinburgh Linux Users Group edlug at
Wed Nov 4 16:31:54 UTC 2015

My other event fell through so I will be present at EdLUG contrary to my
previous email.

With laptop. And distro-laden USB keys hopefully.

-- Tai

On 2 November 2015 at 13:26, Edinburgh Linux Users Group <
edlug at> wrote:

> HI all,
> Apologies for the late notice;
> *The November meeting will be a social for anybody who wishes to talk
> Linux, open source, and computers in general.*
> *If you have never been to one of these meetings, just know that it's
> friendly and informal - grab a pint or a soda, come ask questions, get help
> with open source software and Linux, or simply rant 

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