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[EdLUG] February's talk (by Tai) - have a say

Edinburgh Linux Users Group edlug at
Sat Jan 23 18:24:27 UTC 2016

Hello everybody!

For the upcoming February meeting (and March if I'm still sans outside
speaker), I thought I would put my foot in it a bit.

(If you have some software you really think you would like the world to use
more, by all means - tell me, and I'll book you in.... ! :-D )

I propose to do a talk myself, but am in a conundrum as to what to choose.
So I would like you to to give me a weathervane's view of the consensus.

Please indicate which talk you think I should start with. I propose one of

=== Introduction to Linux (laptops and desktops) ===

I present this as a Linux enthusiast, and one who has converted a few users
over the past couple of years.

I would go over a lightning history of Linux for newbies, distros, desktop
environments, VirtualBox usage, installation of Xubuntu and round it out
with Free Software discussion, LibreOffice, Ogg (with Vorbis and Theora)
and a quick demo of Trisquel installation.

=== Software and CVs ===

I worked at a company that produces CV-processing software for extracting
information from natural language. My role was integrating it with customer
candidate databases.

I would go over what a technician's CV should look like for best reading
both by recruiters and by software; and hope to get a recruiter friend on
board to cover the recruiter's point of view. (might get pushed to March if
sufficient interest, to be able to onboard both a recuirter and potentially
a person from this company. No promises.)

=== Tech Support As A Career (TSaaC??) ===
--- and where go from there ---

Some tech support jobs are more equal than others - and more prestigious.

I built my career accidentally around tech support and through it have been
able to experience a wide variety of technology, made friends with very
intelligent people and all-in-all, continue to have a great time!

I would talk about the different types of tech support outfits; my (very
personal) perception of pay scales; which types offer good prospects of
progression to development and engineering; and what you can expect from a
career in Tech Support.

I intended to do each of these talks at some point this year, to fill in
gaps where I have not found persons to speak, after a long run of socials.

Vote with your mice (mouses??) and let me know before the month is over!

Yours openly,


Tai Kedzierski

  I use

*Open Source Free Software is a matter of liberty, not price.*
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