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[EdLUG] Hello from a lurker and why is the list configured this way? pre { white-space: pre-wrap; /* css-2.1, curent FF, Opera, Safari */ }

[EdLUG] Hello from a lurker and why is the list configured this way?

Edinburgh Linux Users Group edlug at
Sun Mar 27 13:48:54 UTC 2016

Pre we had a tool that generated the web archive from the list. This tool munged the addresses, not majordomo. 

As we are, settings for pipermail (mailman's archiving tool) are: 

(a) open the reply to setting so that emails are shown in the list. This displays un-munged addresses in the archive on
the website, or

(b) close the reply to settings so that emails are not shown in the list and hide email addresses behind Edlug User
Group on the website. 

We tried (a) which resulted in a spoofing attack on the list and a bit more spam being caught in my filter. Hence we
went back to (b).  We have tried to reconfigure the original archiving tool, but it seems to rely on Web and mail
servers being on the same machine, which isn't the case.

During this discussion there have already been two people who have suggested that they do not want their email addresses
shown publicly on the website and I can say that I'm in that camp. Right now we need to get everyone who is interested
in helping to resolve the issue together to brainstorm and test a working solution before making any changes to the



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>Morning, hope you're having a good Easter weekend.
>Pre lug-list the addresses were not munged and the majordomo tool would helpfully obfuscate the addresses on archival.
>If there indeed a consensus that munging should not occur on-list, it should be considered / proposed and, as long as
there are no overwhelming objections among us, I'm happy to update the list config.
>Best wishes,
>PS apologies for the top-post, my mobile client doesn't allow me to enter my response down below (!)
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>On 2016-03-24 Thu 12:54 PM |, Edinburgh Linux Users Group wrote:
>> The history behind some of this was that the mailing list was originally
>> hosted on the University's majordomo service which was then migrated to
>> Sympa with the archive exported to HTML format which munged peoples
>> email addresses while still keeping their name where available. If not I
>> think it retained the first portion of the mail address and munged the
>> 2nd portion i.e. the part after the @ but the specifics are now lost in
>> the mists of time. Most recently, partly because it transpired that the
>> archive wasn't visible to anyone outside the University and because
>> EdLUG were migrating from an ancient University webserver to
>> hosting the mailing list was moved to it's present Mailman on
>The Universiy's Scottish Dance Society's mailing list has over 900
>people on it - mostly young attractive dancing girls.
>*No* silly address hiding is used.
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