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[EdLUG] Old laptops

Edinburgh Linux Users Group edlug at
Mon Mar 28 20:41:08 UTC 2016


I'm doing a mini clear-out and I've got a couple of old laptops that are 
surplus to my requirements but which are still usable machines.
Both Core2Duos, approx 2GHz and with 2GB RAM. I've wiped the hard disks 
and did a basic Ubuntu 15.10 install on both but I suspect most people 
would want to put their own build on. Both seem to hold a charge for 
about 2 hours.

1. Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 13.3 Inch with a 64GB SSD. I think the 
CMOS battery has gone in this machine.
2. Dell Vostro 1510 with a 15-inch screen and 160GB HD.

I can arrange for them to be collected from KB or I can bring them to 
the next EdLUG meeting.

If you want to contact me directly/off-list my email address is:

"Mark dot Cairney at ed dot ac dot uk"

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